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Trained Professional Groomer

Regular grooming for your Pooch is an important step in maintaining a healthy coat as well as reducing shedding and feeling great. Keeping your pet calm is our top priority. We make sure their experience is as pleasant as possible.

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Meet Shani!


Shani's Puppy Spa

Dog Grooming

Shani's Puppy Spa

The One-Stop Shop for All Your Pet’s Needs

Shani's Puppy Spa takes pride in pampering your king or queen. Your Pooch will be groomed and pampered from head to tail by me and pay individual attention. I work one on one with every pooch and no crates or cages. We offer a few different packages to suit our clients needs. At my Spa your Pooch will be bathed, groomed, nails clipped, ears cleaned and brushed. All dogs will get a bandana or a hair bow to wear home. We also have a special puppy package up to 3 months to introduce grooming to your new Puppy.